Main-Stream Media and Social Media Merge to Change the World for the Better

When Julie Andrews was asked to do Mary Poppins she wanted no part of it When Julie Andrews was asked to do Mary Poppins, she wanted no part of it. Often in our lives, great opportunity is presented when we are not receptive.

So it was with Traditional Media, and the wide open free-for-all known as Social Media.

Now, fifty years later, this content, which is timeless, is viral content for new media.

When the high quality content from the days of old meets the content market for a new media and a new generation of children, it has new life, and new power!  The awesome power of human creation from the best and brightest of us all in media becomes viral online.

Christie Hsiao Bestselling Author

Skip forward to compare these modern examples:

1. My friend Christie Hsiao, who just hit the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list with her Serenity Media production (which started out online), for instance:

Her uplifting children’s story JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND, has kids all over the world already playing the game by the same name in multiple languages.

2. Atlas Shrugged II - a newer movie which renewed my faith that there are still good people in Hollywood – the power and money brokers who seek to dumb down our population and control the world will never put a lid on this creative can of worms ever again!

Now that the best and brightest of all of us  are empowered, user filtered media (the roar of all of us talking to each other without boundaries) is most surely changing the world for the better.

The same high quality, visionary, branded content which had so much value then, goes viral almost invariably in new media.

As media continues to merge into a wide open popularity contest without gatekeepers,  from reality shows to independent films,  free thinkers of all venues will be empowered and enabled to find their voice.  The good, the bad, and the ugly are on an even playing field now.

We are entering a new age of diverse content production, empowering the best and the brightest to be heard, and heard over and over again, in every language, all over the world.

On this, the 50th year of Mary Poppins, this amazing piece of art is as relevant today as it ever was.

George Orwell’s chilling vision of a world controlled by technology is now possible on the broadest scale – yet this same technology has created a “can of worms” so large and so diverse, that the only way to put a lid on it would be to shut it all down, and we would just invent it all again, in my opinion.

If this technology, and  empowerment and freedom  of the individual artist scares you,  consider that you are the same person who believes that we have all always been accountable for everything that we do or think, and that there has always been a “book of life” where everything is recorded, now much easier to believe and understand, and manifest!

The question now is what you (we) will do with it.

Just as it was so 50 years ago, some things are predictable, and some things never change.

One man (or woman’s) dream can become a reality at amazing speed, and some of us are actually changing the world for the better, with self-fulfilling prophecy online:

What have you done about it lately?  By simply blogging, I have created my own audience of over 10,000,000.   I did not ask permission to do this, I just started creating, just as the starving artists of that past did, just as Walt Disney did when he built an amusement park on top of a garbage dump – when Disneyland was only his vision – a self fulfilling prophecy.

My hat is off to him, to Julie Andrews for finally agreeing to make this epic classic, to a free United States where it all began, to Christie Hsiao (who is doing it again), and to all the starving entrepreneurs who did it then and are doing it now.

To the technology that makes it all possible, I say “Bring it!”

By getting into, and staying in the game, you can become a proud participant in it all.

You can say whatever you want; you can get an audience; you can change the world for the better, with hard work, and art, and creativity, and that is how it should be, and soon it will be,  for all of us, all over the world!

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Main Stream Media and Social Media Merge to Change the World for the Better


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