First five chapters released – this is how you get ahead of the competition with Social Media

1001 Ways to do Business in 20141001 Ways to do Business E-book

For the next twenty months, we will broaden our scope from just digital advertising, PR and Social Media: we will now address the small business as a whole. This living E-Book will be written primarily by me, as have our previous Rothman Guides in 2011,2012, 2013; however, this time I want to include content from our popular and growing Social Media Marketing Gurus group on LinkedIn, and we are soliciting contributions from you, our over 4,000,000 and growing audience! Please submit your offerings as comments for moderation below, and/or send to subject=”B2B News Submissions”


1001 Ways to do Business in 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Start a Living E-Book to Manage Reputation and Build an Audience
  2. Do Business From Home Online in 2014
  3. Do Business With Less – On The Cheap – in 2014
  4. Do business with EB-5 Investment in the US – Immigrate in 2014
  5. Do Clean Green Healthy Sustainable Business In 2014

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