Societal Change Aided by Technology in 2014

Does anybody really love commuting in traffic?  Do you really believe that eight hours per day working at a job you hate, and the rest dealing with stress and loneliness is a full life?  Do you think that our schools are modern and effective?

Empty Building

What shall we do with all those empty buildings, all those unemployed workers; all those disengaged, often addicted, homeless; all those over-educated spoiled elitists who do not understand the real world; all those morally bankrupt seekers and hedonists who are searching for something more meaningful than a high?

  • How do we replace the traditional family unit (which is all but gone)?
  • How do we stop the waste and environmental impact associated with these inefficiencies?
  • How do we fill up empty buildings?
  • How do we employ the unemployed?
  • How do we re-educate and save the lost?
  • How do we bring it all together?


  • No boundaries – everyone in the world talking to everyone for free – the opposite of Orwell’s “Brave New World
  • A perfect market for buying and selling – like Ebay – anything can be bought or sold for exactly what it is worth at that moment, no more, no less, and users are rated by reliability, also affecting price.
  • No need to work and live in the same place – a game changer – people can live and work and buy and sell from anywhere
  • Brand loyalty is dead – people want the best deal, full disclosure – ethical investment of resources
  • Old system is in trouble – in all times of trouble change becomes possible – when the status quo is failing, people embrace change.
  • Technology advancing – solar and other technologies have leaped forward, negating the necessity potentially even for power lines; certainly for dirty energy.
  • Accountability – again, technology is foiling the bad guys, crimes and injustices corrected recently, going back many years, aided by modern forensic science
  • Media Merging – the gatekeepers and casting couches are being circumvented by the Internet – worlds largest media have become Youtube and Google and Facebook – larger than all the others combined, and growing.


  •  Imagine a world where people live and work in the same space, according to their qualifications, not their circumstances, or origin.
  • Imagine empty buildings filled with sustainable communities, with shared amenities and resources, hydroponic gardens for food, traveling in pooled transportation resources only when needed or for fun.
  • Imagine being offered a job which included housing, schooling, upward mobility, food, shelter, safety – where you could start as a server, or janitor, or gardener, or laborer, or at any level, and work your way up, becoming rounded as you go; leave any time you wish.
  • Imagine having the option to do what you are passionate about for a living thus, how much more productive would YOU be?


All the above is possible, RIGHT NOW, without governmental change, without spending money on anything other than Internet access for schooling. Everywhere, from the inner city to the darkest reaches of Africa, very soon, this change is possible; simply because people can live and work in the same space, aided by technology.

In this series of articles, we will begin to break down specific projects, and to solicit participants, community members, and modern workers.

Stay in touch if you desire to stop complaining, and to act to effect positive change!

We can create an unlimited number of jobs, anywhere:

  1. Carpenters
  2. Laborers
  3. Gardeners
  4. Farmers
  5. Business professionals
  6. Medical Professionals
  7. Technology professionals
  8. Creative people – Music, movies, Graphics, Writers
  9. Food service – cooks, servers, dishwashers
  10. Domestic – child-care, cleaning, maintenance

For owners, administrators, who have power over dormant assets; for the unemployed, for the unhappily retired, for investors, visionaries ad financiers: Join us!


Original article is here:

Societal Change Aided by Technology in 2014


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