23 of 1001 | Change the world and make money by spreading the truth in 2014

The truth rings the bell:

Never in the history of the world, has everyone had a voice.
New technology not only gives us all a chance to play on a level playing field, new media is an opportunity to act.
No longer, can we complain about the way that things are, if we do not use our combined voices to change them.

Now, for the first time in history of the world, we can!
The only gatekeepers are US.

Anybody can complain, and now, anybody can speak. When we speak together, we can and will change the world.

All this begs the question: what shall we do with it??

First, we must be of like mind, we must be tolerant of each other, we must be willing to act as a team, and we must have a clear plan, and a goal:

1. Human rights: we believe that we are all God’s children. As such, we are all one family. We may differ, in looks, location, religion, race, and other beliefs, but 95% of us believe in something.
2. We know that disruptive technology can change the world and give us all a voice.
3. We believe that things must change soon, and that the future is not yet written; it is up to US!
4. We are ready to act now, before it is too late, for us, for our children, and to save our Earth!
5. We are the solution to all of our problems.

If you believe, as 95 percent of US do, then you have no excuse not to act now:

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23 of 1001 | Change the world and make money by spreading the truth in 2014

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