2013 SEO 101 | The New Search Engine Optimization | Being the Source of Real Content

S.E.O. in 2013 is more about the syndication and distribution of real content than it is about on-site optimization – which is done mostly by a well-setup modern content management system like WordPress, Ruby-on-Rails, or Drupal these days.  Therefor, the quality and formatting of the original content itself, the strategy for the targeting of the metadata, and the distribution of the content through groups, content aggregates, blogs and feeds becomes the main occupation of a social media marketer.

Our thanks to Mashable for this great info-graphic:


From [infographics] like the one above, designed to be redistributed with links back to the source by bloggers like me with audiences of our own, to well thought out articles like this one, to videos that rank on YouTube search and on Google and other search engines, like this one:

In 2013, the modern social media marketing agency:

  1. Creates a strategy designed to target a specific topical or geographical audience,
  2. Collects, arranges and/or manufactures real content of interest to that audience
  3. And then distributes that well optimized content  through modern social media channels, building a trail back to the source.
  4. It is more about internet publishing and modern distribution in 2013

A good example to use to illustrate the results from this methodology carried out is a domain that we now have for sale from a client ( the third to own this domain with us) who did not renew last spring.  Sometimes the greatest challenge for us, as technology and publishing professionals, is to get the clients to appreciate and acknowledge what we have done for them when we do a great job: for instance http://distressedrealestate.org was designed to rank for Washington distressed real estate Google search; and it still does.  Yet our barely computer literate client refused our renewal at only $120 per year for hosting, after spending the $975 to create the blog website and the rankings, when all they would have needed to do to maintain these rankings at this point would simply be to post to the blog to maintain this Feedburner feed that we syndicated:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/Distressed-Real-Estate.

It seems strange to us that so many clients would invest the money needed to hire a professional S.E.O. firm for competitive searches in real estate, hospitality, events planning, or professional services such as ourselves, who performs; then they give it all up so easily, without even acknowledging or knowing what they had; when all that is needed to maintain it at this point is continue with the obviously sound strategy to begin with (I.E. to simply continue to post on topic once in a while to maintain the presence)  This is even more strange, knowing what I know,  that these original Realtor-investor clients (in Bellevue Washington) made $50,000+ per month during that time by education, financing, buying, and flipping real estate in that as buyers agents offering investment seminars, hard money loans, mortgages, and informational services to buyers and investors in their area.   They filled a room with 50 prospects weekly!

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2013 SEO 101 | The New Search Engine Optimization | Being the Source of Real Content

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