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 Social Media Optimization for 2014 Now – or let me do it for you

Social Media is now MainstreamI have heard of prices ranging from a full time position for an in-house employee, to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for help with social media profiles, rankings, link authority, publishing, blogging, websites, groups, list building, website design and social media marketing and branding in general.  You can throw a rock and hit several starving self-proclaimed social media marketing professionals. Being in social media does not make you a professional marketer or advertiser.

What is hard to find in this market, is:

  • Clearly defined services
  • Clearly defined strategy
  • Clearly defined specs
  • Clearly defined fee splits and prices
  • Clearly defined performance standards
  • Clarity in general


I am published many places and many times on these topics, including, but not limited to DZone, Yahoo News… and these existing published  properties are the source of my power.1001 Ways to do Business E-book

The way this works is that a professional can build link-authority on a topic and/or a geographical area, simply by publishing slightly more and slightly better content,  properly optimized and formatted.  This is easier to do than you think.

Wide-open, free-for-all media, with little or no moderation or gatekeepers, is obviously what we all prefer ( as evidenced by the fact that Youtube is bigger than all four M.S.M networks combined – CBS, FOX, CNN, ABC).  This intentional authority ranking can be done, and is being done on purpose, by a select savvy few, while the rest of you procrastinate and get your proverbial asses kicked daily.

I can prove this over 1000 times easily, from my brand new blog here in Pagosa Springs Colorado (pagosa springs social network Google search) to my page I put up all the way back in 2007 to make a point (real estate social media advertising Google search) it is simply a matter of knowing what to do and then doing it.

Maybe you wonder why any local business would want to reach everybody in town who is looking for the local newspaper, or a social network?  Consider what that broad reach would have cost ten years ago!  Consider also, that everybody is interested in something local or niche, but that one only needs, for instance, a Realtor a few times in a lifetime.  For me, I will cal the guy with the biggest blog presence!  That is my kind of real estate professional!  Nobody wants to do business with the old low tech guy (or gal)  in any business, if they are smart.

I am an expert on this topic: “social media advertising agency“, just ask Youtube Search!

In my world, and in this market, all that really matters is:

1.  What have you done lately?

2.  Can you prove it? (Example: disruptive guerrilla tactics)

I am here to tell you that what I do, and what so many other “social media marketers” claim to do, has become a specialty, requiring link-authority, property, a knowledge base, and time commitment in order to maintain that power.

For instance, any of you can be the ‘local news advertising agency’ for your city and state according to Google, with my help; https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=local+news+advertising+agency

Our properties have power to rank your real estate website for searches owned and controlled otherwise by Realtor.com, Zillo, and the like… without doing what they do; without making a page that is populated with your peers (1A thru Z) outrank yours for your proper name search!

Buyer beware of content aggregates like ActiveRain.com, who’s new owners obviously understand none of this. Nobody is looking for a page populated a-z by salespeople, as evidenced by the very high bounce rate on these pages. There are many outdated products and services on the market which are actually detrimental to their buyers.

While you may be able to master some portion of this on your own, you cannot compete with a full-time professional for niche or geographical searches.  Those of us who have been far-sighted and hard working, actually own Internet Real Estate and authority, and you can do this also, both on a smaller scale for your geographic or niche topic, and also to build a profession in a field of expertise helping others.

Our content aggregate at http://uplog.org is simply WordPress Multisite, but three years of content and over 130 linked together active blogs is almost impossible to catch up with or compete with.  Some of what I, and people like me can do for you, you are not likely to do for yourself.  I am not doing it for free, but you may be really surprised just how inexpensive it is.

In the interest of further organizing this emerging market that I all but invented, we have developed the following system for organized fees and splits for needed services: we pay 30% for sales, 30% for content creation, and 30% for setup and graphics.  UpLog.org agency gets 10% net.

Read these descriptions and specs of services and prices before you pay more, for less:

1. Basic Social Media Optimization -

this can be done on any scale.  We charge $150 for three optimized profiles of your choice, and our special strategic training – Three hours counting the setup and training:

Quick Social Media Setup

Los Angles County Social Network Blog

2. Community Social Blog and Facebook Group Setup and Blast

Just $300 puts your message out and keeps you on top of the world  exclusively for what you do where you do it for 90 days; and an optional $175 keeps your listing, links and postings on the blog for at least one year if you post weekly (play to pay).  Optional ongoing promotion exclusive at $1000/year.

3. Social Media Domination: Set it and forget it!


Adds PHP list opt-in newsletter setup first month, monthly blast to any list thereafter: dominates search engines and three social networks of choice; builds opt-in ezine list for client.
(We use all of our resources and our audience to get things going tastefully)  $500 down includes PHP List setup, initial list building and invitation,  and initial blast.  $300 month maintains an ongoing campaign in perpetuity.
When you add these (above) services to the occasional custom website, you have an honorable and needed profession in the marketing and advertising industry.

In closing, many companies offer similar services, with less detail and higher prices.  Ask for proof before you buy.  One social network and Facebook group like the ones that we build can feed to many local or niche clients everybody in town eventually.  As the budget grows, the blog and groups become larger with the larger budget for other forms of marketing.

You actually can not separate social media optimization from the impact it has on actual results from all other forms of marketing, and the actual retention of some return from those other activities.

Shameless plug: How long will you wait?!  805-827-2450 – Israel Rothman –  free consultation

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