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Christie Hsiao Anybody can complain about the way that things are in our world, and between our two great cultures.  But Christie Hsiao has no time to complain,  because she is way to busy changing the world for the better one child at a time, while the rest of us complain; and she will also make a ton of money at it in 2014!

Faces do not lie, IMO (what a doll!)

It is said that “Nero fiddled, while Rome burned,” – this was one of the earliest examples of negative spin.

But New York Times Best-Seller author, producer, visionary, bilingual Chinese-American Christie Hsiao is changing the world one child at a time in the midst of this chaos.

When I first met her, there was only her vision:

“Christie Hsiao’s vision is to create quality entertainment that is uplifting and international in scope. Her goals are to raise awareness of the inherent compassionate purity that lies within us all, thereby inspire social change.

Who would have thought that would work?!

I write a great deal about human Character, and about the changes in media which are moving audiences, resources, and power from the mainstream and the mediocre, to the innovative and the free; from the “holier than though” to the smart, the quick, the modern, and the visionary; from the Gatekeeper to the Gatecrasher at a break-neck pace.

Anyone can complain, and anyone can get an Amen from the people already in the pews; but what about the rest of US, and the rest of “THEM“, and the rest of the whole world?!

Now, in this new world of unfettered creativity (with even Satan himself losing his lock on distribution),  one tech-savvy , bi-lingual visionary Christie Hsiao can affect the next generation, reach millions, and actually change the world doing what she is passionate about with her own “Serenity Media“.

Now her Journey to Rainbow Island Book is on the New York Times Best-Seller list, children are already playing her uplifting fantasy game of the same name, and the Movie is on the way:

I would love to be one of her Serenity Media original investors now!
(It may be a great investment for all you tech, fantasy lovers right now!)

When you look at the other games on the list, you have to wonder where the conscience of their makers went!  But they could not stop her from hitting the New York Times bestseller list for Fantasy, and children all over the world are reading her book and playing her video game “Journey to Rainbow Island, the  Game“, nor can they stop it from having a 5 star Google Play Rating!

Children all over the world are hearing her uplifting message for children, instead of being subliminally desensitized to violence and even death.

Although they have tried, from A&E  to the Associated Press, main stream media will never stop users from controlling social media . What have you done lately?

Our shameless plug?

Together we can change the world for the better in 2014!  Won’t you join us?!

Change the World with Uplifting Stories and Movies and Games for Children in 2014 | Online Reputation Management

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