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    Imagine being able to invite everyone in town who is on Facebook, Gmail, and/or Craigslist to an Event, website, Facebook group, and/or Social Network! Now while you are at it, how about a mainstream celebrity endorsement, syndicated custom reality show, and/or movie filmed on the premises?! I have been predicting this day for over 13 years, and now it is here! We're the one stop shop you're looking for. Learn more about our services here!
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    You do not need permission to be on top
  • Marketing Too

    If you want to launch a new idea, or build your existing business, just having a website created is only one piece in the puzzle. You need a way to get your message out there and what better way than with a video and other media to captivate an audience and spread your message - the start is a social media marketing campaign to attract new visitors and build and capture traffic. Instead of buying each thing from different vendors you can save money and get a better end product. Learn more about us
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    Media  Merge Marketing
  • 1001 Ways in 2014

    We literally wrote the book on "disruptive guerrilla tactics" for promoting a business online and with media merge content marketing methods. I am Israel Rothman, the number one "internet advertising consultant" in the world according to Google organic search. I have a photographic memory, and a rich history of experience.
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    1001 Ways to do Business in 2014

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Social Media Marketing Systems, Website and Video Advertising Agency


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Social Media Advertising Agency Marketing Services, Website Design bundled with Internet Advertising Services

Build, market and improve your business with social media marketing, cutting edge web development, and web video production. We are a social media advertising, marketing services company or agency.